Niall Horan wants to be on the same level as his fans

Niall Horan wants to "level out the celebrity thing".

The 26-year-old musician doesn't like feeling as though he's "above" his fans, and so always does his best to "have a good laugh with them" on social media as though he's a "normal person".

He said: "I have a good laugh with [my fans] on Twitter ... I just try to level out the celebrity thing, bring it back down to zero, because that's how it should be. Society has decided that we're above everyone else, when actually, if you give us a chance, we're just completely normal people that do a weird job."

And although he doesn't mind chatting to his fans, the 'Slow Hands' singer finds it hard to handle the feeling of being exposed.

He added: "I'd like to share more. And if a story wasn't going to be made out of the smallest thing you say, I probably would ... I don't get scared about how long it's going to hang around or anything like that, because I'm just not a prick, so there's not bad stories about me. It's just, on the surface, it feels a bit picky, like mice at a block of cheese."

Niall would describe himself as an "introvert", and says he struggles when too many people are looking at him, despite his superstar status.

Speaking to GQ Hype magazine, he said: "A few weeks ago, I was shooting a music video in Central London and the thought of people standing around looking at me, I literally felt like I was naked. I would say I am a showoff, but there's an introvert inside me too ... I hate when people sing happy birthday to me. A surprise is my nightmare. Like, in the past, when a girlfriend was trying to surprise me, I'd be questioning it all the time, asking everyone around me."