Nick Riewoldt fights back tears over Jack's beautiful revelation

Nick Riewoldt has been left speechless by a touching admission from cousin Jack.

Nick was shown an interview that Bob Murphy did with Jack on AFL 360 on Wednesday night, in which Jack revealed his cousin was his hero.

The full interview between Murphy and Jack is set to be shown on Friday night, but Nick was shown an excerpt on Wednesday.

In the clip, Jack talks about how he got up in front of his Richmond teammates last year and spoke about his admiration for the way Nick had handled the death of his sister Maddie.

“In this room last year, we went through a process of what we would say our hardest moment of our life is, the highlight of the moment and the hero,” Jack said.

Jack and Nick Riewoldt. Image: Fox Footy

“I stood up in front of all my teammates and it was pretty awkward, because I suppose I spoke about Nick being my hero — and I’d actually never told him about this.

“I sat in the front row and watched an older brother talk about his sister that passed away in a way that I could never imagine. I thought ‘I am the luckiest bloke in the world that I have literally got my hero just in reach in life’ — just there.”

Nick was left stunned by the clip, lost for words as he appeared to fight back tears.

“I haven’t seen that. It’s pretty special,” he said.

“I’m obviously really proud of him and he’s come a long way as a person. It’s interesting that his maturity as a person has mirrored his maturity as a footballer.

Jack Riewoldt of the Tigers chats to his cousin Nick Riewoldt after Maddie’s Match in round 18. (Photo by Adam Trafford/AFL Media/Getty Images)

“I don’t really know how to react to that to be honest. That’s pretty special.”

AFL 360 co-host Mark Robinson said Jack often spoke about his adoration of Nick, but never on air.

“And we don’t say it to each other,” Nick replied.

“Because he apparently never said it — ‘mate you could’ve said it to me before you said it on the TV’.

“It was amazing. It’s great.”