Nicki Minaj causes chaos by turning up five hours late for publicity stunt

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Nicki Minaj caused chaos when she turned up five hours late for a publicity stunt.
The rapper, 39, was unable to attend the meet and greet in London she announced on Monday after police were called, and she was left trapped in her car by mobs of fans.
She had travelled to the UK to perform at Wireless Festival at Finsbury Park at the weekend, where officers also had to be deployed to manage crowds, and announced she would be at London’s Cafe KOKO.
She ended up barricaded in her chauffeur driven car as screaming fans surrounded the vehicle and chased it down the street.
Around 2,000 of her followers are thought to have turned up and she was left trapped in her car for 30 minutes before leaving.
Minaj shared one fan’s clip of her in a black people carrier on Twitter and said: “Guys, if you don’t get in a contained space they won’t let me get out the cars. Pls don’t run in the streets. Please get in 1 place. 1 line. (sic)”
The clip showed Minaj’s vehicle stopped in the street and when her fans ran towards it she was driven away.
A spokesperson for the Met Police said it sent officers to close the roads and manage crowds as it confirmed Minaj and organisers cancelled the event in the interests of safety.
They told MailOnline: “A local policing plan was in place for an event at KOKO in Camden this evening.
“Police were contacted by venue staff beforehand concerned about significant crowding outside.
“Further police resources had to be deployed to keep public order and close roads.
“In the interests of safety the event managers took the decision that the event would not go ahead. Members of the public are advised not to travel to the area.”
Another video of the havoc showed a policeman telling the crowd: “Regardless of what Ms Minaj is tweeting, she's not here, she has driven past, she has gone. Regardless of what she is saying, that is a fact.”

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