Nicki Minaj responds to Nigerian fan's complaint about tour venues

Ramat Victory smiling
Ramat says Nicki Minaj's style inspires her dress sense

A Nicki Minaj fan in Nigeria has said she was overwhelmed after the star responded to one of her posts on X.

Ramat Victory had expressed disappointment that her country was not included on the rapper's 2024 tour.

The star replied urging her to sign her city up on the tour website, hinting that it could make a difference to where she performs.

Minaj, using the Pidgin language, then said "Naija no de carry last" meaning "Nigeria never comes last".

Following the thread, Nigerian fans online are now getting excited about the prospect of her world tour including their country.

The hip-hop star released her pre-sale tickets online on 17 November, which to fan Ramat's dismay did not originally include any African countries.

Minaj's verified account responded on X, formerly known as Twitter, saying: "Abeg sign up where it says 'if you don't see your city' so that when I get to Africa your city/country will be there."

Nicki responding to Ramat's post
Ramat said she was shocked when Nicki responded

Ramat told the BBC: "It was the best thing ever. I cannot describe it, my head was in the sky, I never expected it.

"I spoke in Pidgin to see what she would do and she responded back in Pidgin. I was amazed"

Pidgin is a mixture of English and local languages that is used as a lingua franca in Nigeria.

Nicki Minaj pouting
Nicki Minaj has been following Ramat on X since March

After this Ramat posted asking all Nicki Minaj fans in the country to sign up so the tour comes to Nigeria.

One said: "I don't care if it's my wedding or honeymoon.. just give us a date! I will be there."

This comes as many music fans have been discussing why Africa has not been included on world tours by some artists.

In April, Beyoncé fans said they were disappointed that no African countries were involved in the star's tour, despite African artists being on her album The Lion King: The Gift.

Ramat said: "There's a big potential market for artists in Africa and when superstars do world tours and don't include us, it's sad."

But, worldwide, music fans have been discussing whether the tours by top stars are affordable, with many famous artists being involved in the conversation.

In the UK, since the pandemic, ticket prices have risen by 19%, with 51% of people saying prices have stopped them attending a gig in the last five years.

One Minaj fan for example reacted to the conversation with Ramat by saying: "I might just sell my father's house if she decides to come."

Fans are now waiting in anticipation to see if the trend has an impact on Minaj's choice of locations.

Ramat said: "I do hope she will come to Nigeria, where she is very much loved. I've loved her from day one."

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