Nicole Kidman's gets ice cream birthday surprise from Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon arranged for an ice cream truck to dish out cold sweet treats on the set of 'Big Little Lies' for her friend Nicole Kidman's birthday.

Nicole turned 51 on June 20 but had to work on her special day filming the second series of the HBO drama.

Reese, 42, wanted to make the day special and thought getting someone to hand out ice creams to the cast and crew would be a fun way to celebrate with her pal.

In an interview with Extra TV Nicole was asked what she did for her birthday, anwering: "Reese got me a big ice cream truck, so the crew and all the cast got to have ice cream. I was working, but they say it's good luck to work on your birthday."

Reese wasn't the only on to celebrate Nicole's birthday in a big way, as her husband Keith Urban serenaded her at the Country USA festival in front of thousands of fans.

She said: "I was like, 'Oh, my gosh, baby,' but you know, if he's performing on my birthday ... that's my birthday present!"

Nicole and Reese are joined on 'Big Little Lies' by new cast members, including Hollywood legend Meryl Streep who has wowed the cast with her acting talent.

Nicole said: "She's fantastic ... She's passionate, she's so bright, she just comes in and delivers time and time again far beyond what you expect."