Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban slammed by neighbours

Rebekah Scanlan

They've set up home in the country city of Nashville, far away from the bright lights of Tinseltown that usually attracts such high-profile celebrities.

But while Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban may love their peaceful southern lifestyle, reports have surfaced suggesting they've ruffled a few feathers amongst their neighbours.

A report in Woman's Day suggests the celebrity couple are the "neighbours from hell" after bringing their flashy lifestyle to simple Nashville.

Nicole and Keith, pictured here at the AMAs 2017, live a lavish lifestyle in peaceful Nashville. Source: Getty
Neighbours of their $5 million dollar home aren't happy with their famous neighbours. Source: Google

After allegedly getting off on the wrong foot with the locals, the A-listers have been branded "un-Southern" and "materialistic" by the publication's unidentified source.

"They're making the effort but it's coming off false," the insider said.

The family, pictured arriving into Sydney a few years ago, live together in Nashville. Source: Getty

Apparently, the fact they drive around the neighbourhood in a "different luxury car every day" and that Nicole is rarely seen without a full face of make-up, has rubbed a few neighbours up the wrong way, leading people to "disdainfully nickname them the southern Beyonce and Jay-Z."


The happily married couple own numerous expensive cars. Source: Getty

The insider went on to explain that Nicole and Keith's lifestyle is so far from "normal" it's upsetting the peaceful way of life in the area.

Emmy winner Nicole Kidman moved to the music city after she became engaged to the country music star in 2005.

The couple are yet to comment on the claims. Source: Getty

The pair raise their daughters Sunday Rose and Margaret Faith in a sprawling mansion worth $4.9 million.

Keith has been spotted nipping out for groceries in the area in his $2.7 million dollar Bugatti sports car, something the report claimed "made a racket."

Be has reached out to Nicole and Keith's management teams for a comment.

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