Nicole Kidman makes surprise appearance onstage with husband Keith Urban

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Nicole Kidman made a surprise appearance onstage with her husband Keith Urban at a gig in Las Vegas on Saturday night (28.05.22).
The Hollywood actress was watching the singer's show at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace from the side of the stage, but stepped out in front of the audience to get a hug and a kiss from her partner.
She smiled and waved to fans as Keith jokingly held the microphone out to her and asked: "What's your name? Where are you from?"
The actress introduced herself as "Nicole Urban" and revealed she'd stepped onto the stage to retrieve her husband's jacket.
She said: "I wanna get your jacket. You put it on the floor and I'm worried (you're going to lose it)."
Keith then explained: "OK. Come on let's get my jacket. She literally said don’t lose that jacket and I was like 'How am ai going to lose that jacket'."
After failing to find the jacket, Keith said: "It’s gone. See you jinxed it," before it was handed to him by a member of his crew.
Keith said: " Oh my guitar tech stole it. There you go," as he put the jacket on his wife, who then smiled and held her husband's hand before running off to the side of the stage.
The singer then turned back to the audience and said: "Just a typical night in Las Vegas."
Keith's residency in Las Vegas came to an end over the weekend (28-29.05.22) after adding in more dates to fill gaps in the schedule left by Adele, who axed her residency there just 24 hours before she was due to hit the stage.
Adele's shows had been due to begin at Caesars Palace on January 21. She has yet to announce rescheduled dates for the shows.

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