Nikki Bella has amazing connection with John Cena

Nikki Bella shares an "amazing connection" with John Cena.

The 'Total Bellas' star may have split from her former fiance but she insists they are still close and it was easy for them to stay friends.

She told E! News: "We are [the best of friends] I think it's when you have an amazing connection with someone and you just stay friends."

And Nikki also has a "special" bond with her 16-month-old niece Birdie, the daughter of her twin sister Brie Bella and husband Daniel Bryan.

She said: "I make all my happy hours the minute she gets fussy, even though Birdie and I have such a special connection. If anything, I want to bring her to happy hour."

Meanwhile, Brie is "freaking out" over how quickly the youngster is growing up.

She said in the joint interview: "Her new words are coffee and balloon, which I love because she helps me make coffee every morning.

"It's crazy because now that we've made our comeback to the WWE ring, it's weird that now she knows our entrance music, she knows us in the ring,

"She's becoming like a toddler. It's freaking me out."

The 34-year-old wrestler recently admitted she's looking forward to the future following the end of her six-year relationship with John.

She said: "I'm really enjoying being an entrepreneur [and] I'm very excited for my comeback at WWE.

"I just have this goal in my head of what I want to conquer as an independent woman and I'm going to get there. And I can't wait to be on the cover of Forbes, so look out!"

And the brunette beauty thinks it's important she learns how to love herself before she dates again.

She explained: "It was quite a journey to really love myself. But I think when you go through so much, I don't want to say hate but criticism, it makes you do two things: You can even go in a way to please other people or you can take a good look at yourself and go, 'This is who I am. This is how I was made and I'm going to love it. And I'm just going to shine that confidence through.' You're better in a relationship when you fully have that self-love and love yourself and know who you are because then you're just so confident in that relationship."