Nikki Bella felt relationship pressure

Nikki Bella was ready to "freak and run" before she found out she was pregnant.

The 'Total Bellas' star and her twin sister Brie Bella recently revealed they are both expecting babies within a few weeks of one another and for Nikki, the news came as a shock because she wasn't trying for a baby with fiance Artem Chingvintsev and was feeling some "pressure" on her relationship already.

She said: "When I got out of the shower and I saw the two lines that said I was pregnant, I think I said, 'Oh f**k.'

"I literally sat on the toilet and asked what am I going to do? I don't think this is right. I was just in such shock..."

Discussing the candid conversations she'd been having with Brie prior to that, she added: "I was just debating certain things in my life. With the engagement, all of a sudden family was pressuring me about marriage and all this stuff. "When I feel pressure, I freak and I run. I feel like the runaway bride sometimes...I was like that a few days before [finding out I was pregnant]."

And when Nikki broke the news to her sister - who already has two-year-old Birdie with husband Daniel Bryan - Brie warned her she had "f***ed" her life and then refused to speak to her for a week.

Speaking on their podcast, Brie admitted: "This is a nightmare. I definitely did not cuss.

"I was just like, 'Dude, you just f***ed your life.' "

Nikki added: "She got so mad at me. Brie didn't really talk to me for a week. She wouldn't even let [my fiancé] Artem Chigvintsev into her house for a week."

Thankfully, the two sisters are now on better terms and are excited about going through pregnancy together.