Nikki Bella reveals her pregnancy sleep troubles

Nikki Bella is struggling to sleep during her pregnancy.

The 36-year-old star - who is expecting her first child with fiance Artem Chigvintsev - has admitted to enduring a miserable time during her pregnancy, opening up about her sleep problems in a series of videos posted on her Instagram Story.

In one video clip, Nikki explains: "Hey, you guys, so I'm trying to get sleep tonight. For the past three nights, I've barely slept..."

Nikki also revealed she's adopted a new sleeping technique because of her growing baby bump,

She said: "I'm training myself to sleep on my side because I'm about to be 19 weeks and I'm a back sleeper. It's been so tough."

What's more, Nikki admitted that the lack of sleep has taken a physical toll on her body.

She shared: "Yeah, it's just sleeping has sucked and I'm like getting super run down because of it. I feel like I'm getting another head cold and so I just really need rest."

In February, Nikki revealed via Instagram that she had an IV treatment on the advice of her doctor after feeling "run down" during her pregnancy.

At the time, Nikki - who was previously engaged to WWE star John Cena - explained: "Definitely beginning of the week, I definitely was run down and starting to feel sick again, but I got an IV and I have to say, prescribed by my doctors so if you guys do IVs and your pregnant, go through your doctor first. It really helped me a lot.

"But yeah I am feeling so much better, and I want to start training a lot again. I have not been training and I see it in my legs which is fine, a little bit in my arms, but I am finally starting to get on that."