Nikki Haley privately discusses economy with Wall Street chief as her campaign rises

Republican presidential hopeful Nikki Haley and the CEO of JPMorgan Chase have reportedly been privately talking about the economy as she surges in the polls.

The bank bigwig, Jamie Dimon, has been chatting about the global economy with the former UN ambassador over the phone, and thinks she has the ability to unite the country, Axios reported.

The Independent has reached out to Ms Haley’s campaign.

Mr Dimon allegedly praised the former South Carolina governor’s economic experience, particularly her knowledge of how business and government together can drive growth, the outlet reported.

Ms Haley unveiled her economic plan in September. In a speech at St Anselm College, she said, “My plan starts by giving real relief and financial freedom to middle class Americans. Every middle-class family will get thousands of dollars in tax relief.”

Under her plan, she would eliminate federal gas and diesel tax, cut income taxes “for working families,” make “the small business relief in the 2017 tax cuts permanent,” and veto spending bills that don’t “take us back to pre-COVID spending levels.”

Ms Haley has recently seen a boost in the polls. Some polls indicate that she has surpassed Florida Gov Ron DeSantis, quickly becoming voters’ potential alternative to the prominent frontrunner Donald Trump.

Axios’ report comes days after fellow South Carolinian, Sen Tim Scott, dropped out of the race. The outlet also obtained a confidential memo sent by Trump pollsters, which predicted that Ms Haley is likely to reap the benefits of Mr Scott’s exit from the race.

When Scott voters were asked who their second choice was, Nikki Haley was their first choice at 43 per cent, followed by Mr Trump at 22 per cent, and then Mr DeSantis at 16 per cent, the memo said.