Nina Dobrev: I surround myself with goal-orientated friends

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Nina Dobrev has tried to surround herself with "goal-orientated" friends.
The 32-year-old actress has revealed that she needs friends who "stimulate" and "push" her to achieve her big ambitions in life.
She explained to E! News: "[A] big one is surrounding yourself with good people and people that you want to succeed with, people that stimulate you, and people that will push you to make sure that you are reaching your goals.
"They say that the first five people that you're the closest with are a reflection of you. And if you're surrounding yourself around people that are unmotivated and lazy, who aren't goal oriented, it'll be really hard for you to stay on track as well."
Nina's family emigrated from Bulgaria to Toronto in Canada when she was just two years old and they struggled financially for years.
The actress witnessed her parents work extremely hard in order to improve their lives and she's always been determined to follow suit.
She previously shared: "We didn’t come from money. In the beginning, we lived with another family in a one-bedroom apartment. My parents had to work really hard."
Nina - who played the part of Katherine Pierce in 'The Vampire Diaries' - is determined to challenge herself in her professional life.
And in recent years, she's become increasingly keen to test herself in "adult roles".
Speaking about her career ambitions, Nina - who has also starred in 'XXX: Return of Xander Cage' and 'Flatliners' - explained: "I don’t want to play a teenager anymore. I want to play adult roles and be challenged and work with great filmmakers and tell incredible stories, and that has meant being really picky."

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