'No excuse': Arnold Schwarzenegger reflects on past behaviour towards women

Arnold Schwarzenegger has acknowledged there is no "excuse" for him "behaving badly" towards women.
The 75-year-old actor - who has previously been accused of groping women and apologised in 2018 for having "stepped over the line several times" - admitted no one ever called him out on his inappropriate conduct and though he can't turn back time to correct his "mistakes", he does feel bad and is determined to be a better person.
He told The Hollywood Reporter: "We are not perfect. We try to be, but there’s only one that’s perfect — God.
"My mouth is great, but it gets me into trouble. My brain is great — it has the will to make a better world — but sometimes I f*** up. I make mistakes. I behaved badly.
"All of those things I’ve addressed in the past. I feel bad about it. But I cannot roll the clock back. I have to be careful and be wiser. I’m smarter. I’m more sensitive about other people’s feelings.
"No one said anything. Look, the bottom line is that even though the times were different, it doesn’t matter if it was 100 years ago or today. You have to treat women with respect and you have to treat people with respect. None of it is an excuse. I should have behaved better."
The 'Terminator' actor explained his stint as Governor of California helped him become a better person because he was looking beyond himself and his own wants and desires.
Asked what made him change, he said: "I just think as time goes on, you just become wiser. You start thinking more about other people and not just about yourself. Not just what’s fun for you, not just what makes you look ballsy. …
"Also — and this is hard to explain to someone who has never had this experience — but once you’ve been in the governor’s office for seven years, you see all the problems out there and all the hardships.
"It turns you from a 'me' person to a 'we' person. You become much more aware of what’s going on around you.
"And then all of a sudden when you walk away, you say, 'I’ve got to continue with the policy stuff. We’ve got to fight for the environment. We’ve got to fight for redistricting reform.' And to speak out about the war."