‘No need to justify yourself’, Ukrainian actor and soldier tells those who choose not to fight

Dmytro Sova
Dmytro Sova

Dmytro Sova, a famous Ukrainian actor known for roles in ‘Carpathian Ranger,’ ‘Cherkasy,’ ‘Kateryna,’ and ‘Souvenir from Odesa,’ opened up about his service in the Ukrainian Armed Forces and shared his views on colleagues who choose not to enlist.

In an exclusive interview with KP.ua on Nov. 8, Sova emphasized that he cannot speak on behalf of others and refrained from advocating a universal obligation to defend the homeland. He acknowledged the personal challenges of warfare, describing the act of taking lives as a profound and irreversible step.

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“I go to defend my relatives, loved ones; I go for the people whom I love and respect very much. Perhaps, that’s how I was brought up,” Sova remarked, revealing the emotional support from friends and family despite the inevitable difficulties.

Addressing the complexities that hinder some from military service, including corruption scandals, Sova highlighted the importance of teamwork on the front lines. He expressed a desire for quality cinema and new projects, envisioning a role beyond acting.

Sova shared insights into the activities of friends who, while not on the front lines, contribute to the effort by assisting with aerial reconnaissance, creating propaganda videos, producing Ukrainian content, and engaging in tactical medicine.

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The actor also criticized those who speak at length without taking action, especially individuals who left the country when the conflict escalated. He urged those not ready for military service to refrain from justifying their stance.

“I won’t take sides and say you’re bad because you’re not defending the Motherland. That’s not my position. Let such people not say anything,” Sova concluded.

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