No, the NHS hasn’t recognised 21 genders

An article by British tabloid the Daily Express caused a stir on social media with its provocative headline claiming that the British National Health Service now recognises 21 different genders. However, the title misrepresents the article's contents, which is about how a British hospital showed its support for the LGBTQ community by hanging a banner featuring 21 flags representing different sexualities and gender identities.

"I’m sick to death of paying taxes for a bunch of ideological gender cultists to pander to a bunch of deranged narcissists,” railed a British social media user in response to a headline called “All 21 genders recognised by the NHS [National Health Service] and what they really mean” published in the taboid Daily Express on June 3.

Some of the social media posts about this title have garnered more than 100,000 views.

The fact that so many social media users have been sharing this article perhaps reflects the climate in the United Kingdom. British conservatives are threatening to revise the Equality Act so transgender women can be banned from certain spaces. And Brits will be heading to the polls to vote in parliamentary elections on July 4.

Twenty-one flags

So what really happened? Well, this all began when a hospital in Stoke-on-Trent – a town located south of Manchester – posted a photo of a banner they had displayed. On the banner were 21 flags representing different gender and sexual identities.

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