No one country can produce enough ammunition for current intensity of warfare

Oleksandr Kamyshin during the event NV Success Formula of Ukraine
Oleksandr Kamyshin during the event NV Success Formula of Ukraine

Ukraine will continue to depend on artillery ammunition supply from partners at the current intensity, Strategic Industries Minister Oleksandr Kamyshin said at NV’s ‘Formula for Ukraine's Success’ event, answering a question from NV editor-in-chief Vitaliy Sych.

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Asked whether Ukraine would be able to provide the army with the 10-20 thousand shells that the armed forces currently use every day from its own production and not depend on partners, Kamyshyn replied that both Kyiv and its partners have increased ammunition production, but this is still insufficient.

"All U.S. plants doubled their production capacity during our [Russia-Ukraine] war. All European plants did not even double their production capacity during the war. In some cases, we’ve seen growth by more than that. In some cases, we’ve seen a tenfold increase. I am talking only about mortar shells. So, even if we put together all the European, American, and our production capacities and multiply them many times over, it will not be enough to meet our needs at the front. Therefore, we will continue to depend on foreign supplies," Kamyshin said, adding that "this is the biggest war in generations. And this war requires a consumption of ammunition that no country in the free world can provide on its own."

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Weapons production should not stop even after the war is over.

"We must continue to increase production. And we must understand that [if] the war ends with our victory, we will still have to produce [weapons] for many, many years, put them in depots and wait for the mad dogs [Russian invaders] to come back. But no matter how we increase our production, we will still be dependent on our foreign partners."

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