No, this video doesn’t show mosques being destroyed in China

X users have been circulating a video in recent days that shows a mosque being bulldozed, claiming that it provides proof that the Chinese government is destroying mosques. The Chinese government is carrying out a “sinicization policy” on mosques, either demolishing them or carrying out architectural modifications to make them look more Chinese, a practice that has been decried by human rights organisations. However, this video was not filmed in China.

If you only have a minute:

  • X users have been sharing and circulating a video showing a mosque minaret being bulldozed by, they claim, the Chinese government.

  • In their captions, these users wrongly claim that the demolition of this mosque is an example of a campaign by the Chinese government bent on the “sinicization” of mosques in China.

  • In reality, the scene was filmed in Turkey, not China. It shows the controlled demolition of a mosque minaret that risked collapse after it was structurally damaged in the earthquake that took place on February 6, 2023.

  • However, while this video is unrelated, the Chinese government is currently carrying out a campaign to destroy and alter mosques across China.

The fact check, in detail:

A video of a mosque being demolished went viral on X a few days ago. Tweets featuring the video claim that it shows the work of the Chinese government. A user whosetweet garnered 300,000 likes claimed that the mosque was going to be turned into “public toilets”, because, he said, China thinks of Islam as a “mental illness”.

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