Noah Cyrus 'stripped' of identity

Noah Cyrus was "stripped of [her] identity" as a child.
The 22-year-old singer admitted growing up in the shadow of her famous older sister Miley Cyrus took a toll on her, but writing her latest album 'The Hardest Part' has finally helped her to "heal".
She told the i newspaper: “Something that really hurt me as a child was that I was stripped of my identity.
“I had no name, at all. But as I’ve grown as a musician, especially in the past three years, I would say that bothered me less and less. I might be doing things that other people in my family do, but I’m doing it in a way that is mine. I think with this album I’ve healed a part of me.”
Referring to advice she was given by John Mayer, she added: “He told me to keep writing songs that will last for ever.
“I’ve held on to everything he said to me. Whether or not people respond to the songs on this album like they did to ‘July’, to me they’re just as special. I put just as much into them and I love them so much.”
Noah struggles to enjoy her success because she is constantly worried about "the end".
She said: "I do look at life as the glass being half empty. I’ve always been very fearful of the end. I’m always afraid someone’s going to leave. It’s really hard for me to sit and be where I am and enjoy that moment because I’m already fearing that it’s over.”
The 'July' singer began experimenting with anti-anxiety drug Xanax when she was 18, but her problems spiralled out of control during the Covid-19 lockdown.
She said: “When I wrote ‘Lonely’, I was taking Xanax and was on pills, but it really was at its worst during the pandemic.
“We were all extremely lonely. I was lonely, although I wasn’t by myself; I was in a relationship where we were both co-dependent on each other and on substances. That causes a really unhealthy relationship.”
Noah eventually sought help for her struggles and is thankful she met her new manager Mookie Singerman in the early days of her recovery.
She said: “I’m lucky that I met someone who was so supportive and caring towards me, and who really cared about helping me in my career, but also personally, too. I found a lot of love there.”