Nobel Laureate’s Tongue-In-Cheek Resume Deserves A Prize Of Its Own

The world’s top scientists can have a sense of humor, too, you know.

Just check out the resumeof new Nobel laureate Jacques Dubochet.

The professor at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland wasone of three scientiststo scoop the 2017Nobel Prizefor Chemistry on Wednesday.

But as Twitter userOliver Fuchsdiscovered, the researcher took a rather lighthearted approach when working up his CV:

Dubochet detailed how he was “conceived by optimistic parents” in October 1941. He also noted the date of when he was “no longer scared of the dark” and explained why becoming the “first official dyslexic in the canton of Vaud” in 1955 ended up benefitting him.

Read his entire CV on his university’s website.

The Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences awarded the Nobel Prize, and $1.1 million, to Dubochet, Joachim Frank from New York’s Columbia University and Richard Henderson of MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, England, for their developments in electron microscopy.

Dubochet’s resume has not yet been updated with the accolade, however.

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