Noel Gallagher: Boris Johnson as Prime Minister is symbol of how disgraceful Labour has become

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Noel Gallagher sees Boris Johnson as a symbol of "how f****** disgraceful" the Labour Party has become.
The former Oasis star has blasted Labour as opposition to the Conservatives, and described the Tory Prime Minister's victory in the 2019 General Election as a damning indictment of the opposing party.
He told 'The Matt Morgan Podcast': "He is the symbol of how f****** disgraceful the Labour Party are.
“If that man and this Conservative party won a landslide against the Labour Party then what are we saying about the f****** Labour Party. A f****** disgrace.
“This Tory lot was like, ‘We’ll patronise them then’. That’s what happened, when they got all the votes up North.”
He also insisted a Labour government wouldn't change things in the UK, and he suggested he should start his own political party.
He said: “Let’s say you call an election tomorrow and you vote this lot out and Labour in, you’re still going to be in the same position in three or four years from now.
“They are not capable of running an after-show party. I should a new party called the After Show Party, it would be great."
The 54-year-old musician - who supported Tony Blair and New Labour - has blasted the party for "what they've become now" and labelled them a "disgrace".
He added: "They’ve betrayed the working classes, they’ve betrayed ordinary people and they’ve allowed this shower to run the country for however long they’ve f****** run the country.
“The modern Labour Party is middle-class ****s who f****** hate the working class, they hate them, it’s as simple as that.
“I haven’t voted for years. Anyone in their right mind who does take part in that whole circus is a f****** idiot."
And the 'Don't Look Back In Anger' hitmaker hit out at the idea he's a Tory simply because he doesn't feel he can back Labour anymore.
He said: "I see it written about myself a lot that I’m a Tory because I don’t vote Labour.
"So it’s like, ‘Right, so because I don’t believe in your version of the Labour Party that must make me a Conservative’.
“The arrogance of that comment by young, middle-class c***-suckers is staggering. And if you don’t vote then you must be a Tory."

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