Noel Gallagher brands Royal Family 'farcical'

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Noel Gallagher has branded the Royal Family "farcical".
The former Oasis guitarist has insisted he's not "anti-royal" but he feels the "appeal" of the monarchy is "dwindling, like religion", and he doesn't think royalists have a place in the music business.
Commenting on Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee celebrations to celebrate the 96-year-old monarch's 70-year reign, which saw people of the UK enjoy a four-day Bank Holiday, Noel is quoted by the Daily Mirror newspaper as saying: “Some of the people who work for me, I was like, ‘See you tomorrow’. They went, ‘Oh, we’re off tomorrow. We’ve got the day off for the jubilee’.
“I was like, ‘f****** royalists in the music business?’ I’m not having the day off, you’re not having the day off’. Anyway they all had the day off.”
The 55-year-old rocker insisted the 1977 Silver Jubilee was far more special.
He said: “Now, it’s appeal is dwindling, like religion."
The 'Wonderwall' hitmaker believes most people were just happy to have time off from work as opposed to celebrating the Jubilee.
He continued: “There are other things for people to be interested in.
“I’ve got a security guard who is a royalist, he’s very much ‘this great country’, one of them.
“But they are dwarfed by people who are like ‘whatever, thanks for the day off but whatever’.
“The monarchy as a thing is a bit farcical – and if anybody thinks we are one’s subjects then they are very much mistaken.”
Despite not being interested in the royals, the Britpop legend admits it will be a devastating day for the nation when The Queen passes away.
He added: “When the Queen dies, it will kind of be a big deal because she’s been around all of our lives. I’m not like anti-royal or anything. I don’t hate the Queen or none of them, they were all born into it.
“They’re the custodians whatever in its essence England is, the Crown Jewels and all that. I wouldn’t have them all shot – like I said a couple of times in the 90s – but I’m not a royalist by any stretch of the imagination but I don’t hate them either.”