Noel Gallagher’s tour rider turns veggie!

Noel Gallagher’s tour rider is mainly vegetarian and vegan.
The former hard-living Oasis rocker, 56, stressed the piles of vegetables on his list of backstage demands had nothing to do with him and was for his 11-strong High Flying Birds band.
He told the latest episode of his writer friend Matt Morgan’s Patreon podcast: “I have an 11-piece band. They are all vegetarians, vegans – you name it, they’re in my band.
“So whatever you see on my rider that’s nothing to do with me – that’s to cater for everybody.”
Noel added he still has his own list of demands, but said they were limited to alcohol, fatty snacks and after dinner mints.
He said: “Personally, I haven’t got a lot of requirements – a bottle of whiskey, lots of beers, red wine, rose wine, water, crisps, chocolate.
“And After Eight mints. And Matchmakers!”
Leaked versions of riders from Noel’s heyday in Oasis show the band’s backstage demands consisted of a huge list of drink and cigarettes.
They are said to have asked for a “clean” and “tidy” dressing room stacked with 30 white towels, along with flowers, a massive mirror and a huge catalogue of alcohol.
Among the ’90s group’s alleged drink demands were 10 bottles of wine, five cases of cigarettes, “good quality imported beer” and spirits, lemons, corkscrews – and five cigarette lighters.
Dad-of-three Noel announced in January he had split from his publicist wife Sara MacDonald, 51, after 12 years of marriage, and said before the split he had been following a clean living lifestyle that meant he didn’t usually even drink wine at home if Sara opened a bottle.
He also had a gym installed in his home.
But he admitted on a previous episode of Matt’s podcast he had been tucking into treats from Fig Rolls to children’s lollies since his divorce, leaving him feeling like he needs to “get back to the gym”.