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Nonexistent eyebrows? Women in their 50s, 60s and 70s use this $18 superhero

Here's an important PSA: If you haven't been trolling your local Facebook groups for the best beauty products, it's high time you start. From eye creams to concealers, you can find endless recs from actual women. Take, for example, the IT Cosmetics Brow Power Eyebrow Pencil, which has dozens of beauty fiends in their 50s and above chatting.

Look, it's no secret that our eyebrows frame our face. As we age, though, they start to thin and gray. (Yes, even if you avoided the thin eyebrows trend of the early 2000s.) This is where brow pencils come in, and older women in their shopping and beauty Facebook groups are claiming that Brow Power is their go-to for thinning, overplucked and graying eyebrows. Oh, and it just so happens to be 30% off at Amazon right now.

Stuffed with nourishing ingredients that promote hair growth, this pencil is specifically designed to match your exact hair shade for a full, natural look. 

$21 at Amazon
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$21 at Nordstrom$26 at Macy's

Why is this a good deal? 💰

IT Cosmetics is widely acknowledged as a "pricey but worth it" makeup brand, but that doesn't mean the $26 price tag doesn't sting — which makes the $18 deal that much sweeter. This is also the lowest price we've found on the internet, and it's not even Prime Day yet (Sephora and Ulta have it priced at the full $26).

Why do I need this? 🤔

Here's the deal: The budge-proof Brow Power is made in four "universal" shades — auburn, dark brunette, taupe and blonde — that are made to match every hair color and cover grays. Somehow, the limited color selection magically works on every single brow shade. All you need to do is switch up the pressure as you pencil in your brows and the formula will adjust to your perfect color, making it ideal for those in-between shades.

The actual design of the two-sided pencil features an exclusive oval tip that mimics your real hair for a natural look. On the other side is a classic spoolie brush, which means you don't have to have your own. Brow Power is also so much more than an eyebrow pencil. Its formula includes biotin to promote healthier-looking hair and skin, and antioxidants to help reduce visible signs of aging.

Three shades of Brow Power on a yellow background.
The 'universal' colors help to take the guesswork out of shade-matching, which, as we all know, is the absolute worst. (Amazon)

What reviewers say 💬

It's safe to say that, having bestowed more than 3,800 five-star reviews on the Brow Power, Amazon shoppers are huge fans — especially when it comes to filling in thin, graying brows.

Pros 👍

"I’m 67 with grays coming in and this makes them disappear," wrote a happy shopper. "The best feature of Brow Power is that my brows look natural ... it's a staple for me."

"My eyebrows are so light you can barely see them! They are also very skimpy. With this product, no one can tell," related this Amazon customer. "It stays on for a very long while. ... I make light lines like hair would be, not long lines. It looks so natural. I get the shape and lift that I want. When I am done, even I don't know that these are not my own natural brows."

"I am older and missing hair in my eyebrows," explained a third five-star reviewer. "I have actually gotten compliments about my eyebrows when I use these pencils! I would not use anything else. Looks so natural when you draw in the missing or gray hair."

FInally, there's this happy Goldilocks: "I've tried a few pencils. Some too soft, some too hard ... but this pencil was just right. It has good staying power and although a bit more expensive, it's worth it."

Cons 👎

Everyone pretty much agrees that the pencil is magical but, (like any magic power, it takes some time to get used to. "Did not give five stars because I am still figuring out how hard to press," explained this four-star reviewer who dubbed it "one of the better eyebrow pencils."

And, not surprisingly, shoppers do have a bone to pick with the cost: "I like this brow pencil but it is pricey," explained one reviewer. "It would be great if they offered the option to refill the same 'pencil' so it wouldn't be so wasteful." Fair point! This is why you should definitely grab one on sale before it shoots back up to $26.

Just a few swipes and your brows are as fresh (and full) as a daisy. 

$21 at Amazon
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$21 at Nordstrom$26 at Macy's

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