Noonoonuri becomes Warner Music Central Europe's first AI-enhanced signing

Warner Music Central Europe have signed their first Artificial Intelligence-enhanced act.
The digital character Noonoonuri has released her debut single, ‘Dominoes’ - which is based on a real singing voice but amended to give her own unique sound - in collaboration with the DJ Alle Farben, 38.
The track - which was made by a group of songwriters and musicians who will all get royalties and publishing rights like any other song would - has a video that features the character sporting SKIMS, the clothing brand of Kim Kardashian, 42.
Her creator Joerg Zuber - who styled the avatar in the video - thanked for the record giant for “believing” in the team’s effort and dream.
The 43-year-old graphic designer wrote underneath the music video after it was posted to Instagram: “After two years working so hard on this music project, we finally can share this incredible teamwork with world – thank you for believing in us #TheBeginning.”
Warner Music Central Europe enthused about the “long-standing digital character” and their excitement for people to find out more about her and all her future musical endeavours while denying was “AI-generated”.
They said: “Noonoouri is a long-standing digital character who we’ve signed to a record deal.
“She’s not AI-generated, though AI-assisted tech was used to help create her singing voice.
“Talented songwriters and musicians wrote and recorded her debut track Dominoes, and we can’t wait for fans to discover it.”
The music industry has been reckoning with the threat like copyright issues and possibilities like new sounds posed by the ever-increasing tech.
Last month, Blur’s frontman Damon quipped that people are “gonna need more drugs to get through absurd AI”
The 55-year-old rocker told the Sun newspaper:“It’s absurd. Anyone who has so much time to sing songs through a Michael Buble filter and put them on the internet is a fucking idiot. If the AIs are the future of music, we’re gonna need better drugs to get us through it.”
This came after the ex-Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon, 67, told the Guardian: “Who’s in charge and who’s feeding the information and giving the guidelines to these artifices? What or where is the moral code? It has infiltrated young people’s minds now to the point of total domination. What will this create?”