Note on car after crash reveals driver's sneaky act

The hunt is on for a hit-and-run driver who left just a two-word note behind after hitting a parked car.

A Sydney driver is fuming after returning to find a huge dent in the side of her four wheel drive and a two-word note left behind.

“What is wrong with people these days???” she wrote online while sharing a series of photos of her banged-up Subaru Forester which revealed damage to the rear passenger door. “Not happy!”

The driver went on to explain she’d been parked outside the art gallery at Kurnell on Prince Charles Parade on Saturday afternoon when she became the victim of “another hit-and-run”. “[The other driver] left this note,” she added. But on the scrap of white paper just two words had been scribbled down. “So sorry”, it said.

The woman returned to her vehicle to find a huge dent in the passenger door. Source: Facebook
The woman returned to her vehicle to find a huge dent in the passenger door of her Subaru Forester. Source: Facebook

Fortunately, someone saw the incident unfold, and CCTV was around to capture the moment. “Sorry too,” the woman said on Facebook, “but the nearby houses have you on camera. And we have some details from a witness. Grey Toyota four wheel drive with roof racks. Age 40+ male. Solid build.”

The post has since caused outrage in a local residents group for those living in Sutherland Shire, with one accusing the offender of just pretending to pass on his details. “Clearly leaving a note to look like to others who may have witnessed,” she wrote. “Hope you find the car involved! So disappointing what people think is ok!”

“That’s disgusting, hope he gets caught and pays the price,” another said. “Weak and gutless,” a third condemned. While the owner of the dented Forester is hoping police will be able to find the offender, she explained in a later comment that unfortunately in the CCTV footage of the incident, “you can’t see the number plate”.

The two-word note left on the woman's Subaru Forester in Kurnell.
The woman was "not happy" when she discovered the note left behind on her car consisted of just two words. Source: Facebook

$362 for failing pass over your details

Failing to stop at the scene of an accident in NSW and provide personal information, such as your name, address and vehicle registration number, to others involved in the crash is considered a criminal offence. It carries a fine of up to $362 and three demerit points.

In 2018, a New Zealand motorist fumed after a similar note was left on their vehicle. The note went one further however, shamelessly admitting the sole reason they were writing the note was because someone was watching them.

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