The purrfect kiss: Cat smooches owner in adorable video
The 'purrfect' kiss: Cat smooches owner in adorable video

The claim that dog is man's best friend may have taken a hit after a man shared a video of his adoring cat leaning in for the 'purrfect' kiss.

More than one million people have viewed footage of the tender moment which was posted on the Facebook page, Relationships.

The cat and its owner enjoying a tender moment. Photo: Relationships/Facebook

In the clip, the cat can be seen reaching out with its paw to pull the man's face in before leaning in for a peck on the lips.

The 'purrfect' kiss? You be the judge. Photo: Relationships/Facebook

To prove it was not a fluke, the owner turns away again and his needy pet paws at his face and demands another smooch.

The cat isn't the only one receiving attention from Facebook commenters, with the cat's owner winning over the hearts of a number of women.

Kristina Butler Bryn said: "So cute and sweet. Both man and cat are keepers."

While Melody Richardson, posted: "I love this guy!!! How cute is he… And his little cat too".

The video has been shared over 40,000 times.

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