Off Their Game Week 15 - D.J. Moore

Matt Harmon explains why the Carolina WR will struggle against the Bills in week 15.

Video transcript


- Yeah, remember a few weeks ago-- just about a month ago-- and I was like, yeah, Cam Newton back to the Panthers, feeling like a little warm and fuzzies inside because the guy is back. That is all gone.

This is about the worst I've felt about the Carolina Panthers in-- in-- in years, perhaps an entire decade at this point. And I do not feel good about DJ Moore going into Buffalo in this game.

And it's strange because Moore has actually coming off two games back to back, 10 targets in both-- 100 yards in one, 84 yards in the other. I mean, he has actually been playing well.

But good god, the guy's coming in banged up to this matchup. I don't care if Tre'Davious White is not in there. I still have a lot of respect for this Buffalo defense. I think they can shut down this Panther's offense.

Plus, you know, I talked about Cam Newton. They're like rotating these guys, is Matt Rhule. He's rotating Cam Newton. He's rotating P.J. Walker in there despite the fact that both of these guys have said, we don't like this. We don't like the rotating, just play one of us. We don't like it. We get out of rhythm.

Also, Matt Rhule is talking about maybe Sam Darnold might get in the mix at some point. I mean, just fire the Panthers into the sun, enough with this team already. Their fricking kicker is hurt in the pregame.

CJ Walker might have to kick for him. What a mess. Don't-- don't-- don't fool around with any Panthers even including DJ Moore this week.

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