Off Their Game Week 15 - Mike Evans

Andy Behrens explains why the Tampa Bay WR will struggle vs. New Orleans in week 15.

Video transcript


ANDY BEHRENS: Oh, it's a good call. It's a good call. It's unfortunately true. I'm going to go with Mike Evans this week. I mean, it's Tampa-New Orleans week, which means it's time to talk about the Lattimore versus Mike Evans matchup, which, look, it went fine earlier this season because Evans scored a touchdown. But still, low reception total, low yardage total. You look back at these last two years with Tom Brady as quarterback, Evans has only caught seven balls against the Saints. That is just not enough to pay the fantasy bills in a typical week.

You look back over the past three seasons, and he's averaging two receptions and like 37 receiving yards against Lattimore and the Saints. So I just don't like him here. I would greatly prefer Chris Godwin. You're really just hoping for a touchdown from Evans in this one. That's about the only way that he ever scores fantasy-wise against the Saints. So if I had better options-- if I'm like that one guy and I've got five, six different top-10 receivers on my roster, I'd go ahead and play any of them over Mike Evans this week. Now let's see what kind of nonsense Matt's people are talking about in the Survival Kit.

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