Officials under fire for 'disgraceful' treatment of dying boxer

Boxing officials have been slammed for their treatment of Christian Daghio, who died after he was KO’d during a fight.

Italian boxer Daghio, 49, died after fighting in a WBC Asian Boxing Council light heavyweight bout against Don Pareuang in Thailand recently.

Daghio was knocked down a number of times in the final round, with the final blow sending him crashing to the canvas, unconscious.

Daghio during the fateful bout. Image: Supplied

The referee immediately stopped the fight, with medical staff rushing into the ring to help Daghio.

He was rushed to a nearby hospital and placed in a coma, but he never regained consciousness.

One of the punches that floored Daghio. Image: Supplied

In the aftermath of the tragedy, officials have come under fire for their treatment of the stricken boxer.

A photo posted on social media by boxing fan account ‘Sweet Science Lab’, shows Daghio being treated in the ring as officials conduct the victory ceremony for Pareuang.

“This is one of the most disgraceful things to happen in boxing for some time,” the account wrote.

Boxing journalist Niall Doran was also less than impressed.

“Agreed. This is very bad form and unacceptable in any part of the world. Period,” he tweeted in reply.

Another user defended officials, claiming it was common practice in boxing.

However the ‘Sweet Science Lab’ account was perturbed by the fact that the medical staff weren’t given space to properly tend to Daghio.

“As super sad as his death is, my point was about the medical staff not having control of their surroundings,” they wrote.

“The decision to hold the victory ceremony in the ring while he was being worked on is awful on a tonne of levels. The sole focus should have been his well being.”

Daghio spent most of his career in Muay Thai, before turning to boxing.

He fought 189 times in Muay Thai and won 145, including several world titles.

His brother Fabrizio said the ring was ‘his life’.

“He died like he wanted. I have no regrets because he was like that. He wanted to fight till he was 80. The ring was his life and he died as a champion.” he told Italian media.

“My brother had a girlfriend in Thailand and a five-year-old girl who still doesn’t know her father has died.”