An Old Issue of ‘Cosmo’ Said to Spray Perfume on Your Feet. So, We Sprayed Perfume on Our Feet

Jillian Fabiano

From Cosmopolitan

Let’s get this out of the way first: Yes, in 1988, we told you to spray perfume on your feet.

Cool! Now that that’s out there, it’s time to dive in to the newest episode of Weird Tips We Found in Old Cosmos. Which, you guessed it, dives deep into our archives to see which beauty, relationship, and life hacks were spot on...and which we’ve perfected since.

You’ll remember that last time, assistant Sam Feher had Hannah B. smush mashed potatoes all over her face in the name of skincare, and guess what? The potatoes are BACK. Apparently, we were kind of obsessed with potatoes in the ’80s??? Except this time, they’ll be going in her mouth, not on her face. Sorry to disappoint! But in October of 1988, the “diet” craze was apparently a baked potato with pureed cottage cheese. Lit.

Okay, so I know you haven’t forgotten about the perfume on the feet that I mentioned up top. Well, forever Cosmo Girl Helen Gurley Brown stood by the idea that fragrance rises like heat, so...naturally, that means we have to put perfume on Sam’s feet? And, yes, dear reader, Sam did willingly spray Eau de Juice on her bare feet in the name of smelling nice.

Guess what. It WORKS, OKAY?? At least according to our entertainment director, Maxwell Losgar. Whatever, just hit play on the video above and see for yourself because I’m legit about to spray perfume on my feet right now at my desk.

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