Olivia Colman photobombs Gillian Anderson in picture from The Crown

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Photo credit: Des Willie/Netflix
Photo credit: Des Willie/Netflix

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If you've been left with a large Crown-shaped hole in your TV schedule after binge-watching the brilliant season four, we've rustled up some of the best behind the scenes photos from set.

Gillian Anderson, who plays Margaret Thatcher in the latest season, was first to post a never-before-seen shot of her with cast mate Olivia Colman and her long-term partner and show creator Peter Morgan. "The Queen of photo bombs. @thecrownnetflix," Gillian captioned the photo of them all beaming into camera

In another picture, shared by Sam Phillips who played one of the Queen's household staff, Helena Bonham Carter and Tobias Menzies are laughing on set as they take a coffee break, while another shot shows Olivia and Gillian preparing for one of their weekly meetings at Buckingham Palace.

The new series premiered on Sunday and it's pretty much all everyone's been talking about ever since. While most have praised the series and the cast performances, some have criticised its creative license and how certain members of the family are depicted. Actress Emma Corrin, who plays Princess Diana, recently responded to some of those critics who aren't happy with her portrayal of Diana.

Speaking about how The Crown isn't supposed to be 100% fact, Emma explained: "It's a difficult one. I think for everyone in The Crown we always try and remind everyone that what we are, the series that we're in, is fictionalised to a great extent. Obviously it has its roots in reality and in some fact but Peter Morgan's [The Crown's creator] scripts are works of fiction."

Emma went on to add that she still gets why people might be unhappy with the show, saying: "At the same time, I understand why people would be upset because this is history ... and even with Diana it's still very much fresh, I suppose, everything that happened. So I do really understand if people would be upset."

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