Olivia Colman's Oscar is in a 'secret place'

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Olivia Colman keeps her Oscar in a "secret place".
The 47-year-old actress won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in 'The Favourite', but Olivia admits she finds it to be "a bit embarrassing if anyone comes to the house".
The actress - who recently moved into a new property - shared: "I love it, but I find it a bit embarrassing if anyone comes to the house. It's in a secret place where I do sometimes go, 'Huggggh!' and then close the door again."
Olivia sees her Oscar success as being "for [her]", rather than the outside world.
She told the BBC: "I love knowing it's there, it makes me very happy, but it's for me."
Olivia also believes that success in her professional life has a positive impact on her personal life, too.
However, the actress - who has three children with her husband Ed Sinclair - thinks she's been "lucky" as she's been able to balance her career with her parental responsibilities.
She explained: "I've always felt that I'm a better mummy when I feel creatively fulfilled, so I'm very lucky, I get to do both things. I love my job and I get to have lots of time with my children."
Meanwhile, Olivia previously admitted that she barely has any memory of the night she received her accolade.
The actress simply recalls going into "self-preservation, emergency mode" during the glitzy ceremony, and revealed that she only remembers the success because she's watched it back.
She shared: "It was bonkers.
"You’re being swept along by people and you’re going: this can’t be happening. I think you go into self-preservation, emergency mode, because it’s too much to cope with. I only really remember it because I’ve seen it."

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