Olivia Culpo saves sister from falling fridge

Olivia Culpo saved her sister from getting crushed by a fridge.
The 30-year-old model was left "traumatised" by the appliance accident, which took place while she and her family were helping their parents move house, but thankfully her youngster sibling, Sophia, was unhurt thanks to the quick actions of Olivia and her sister-in-law Katie.
Sharing a photo of the aftermath - with food including eggs, turkey, and milk spilled all over the floor - Olivia wrote on her Instagram Story: "This refrigerator fell on Sophie yesterday.
"I didn’t post it bc I was traumatized but if you saw on her stories she’s 100% ok luckily Katie and I ran over as it was mid way in the air and held it up although her head was inside the thing. Crazy day.(sic)"
Olivia hoped the tale would serve as a warning for people to fully secure bulky items of furniture.
She continued: "Not going to miss this part of a new move. Let this be your reminder to secure all appliances and not leave details like this up to 60+ year old parents."
Sophia later took to her own Instagram Story to post a photo of a safety notice on the fridge which depicted a stick figure on the verge of being crushed by a falling refrigerator.
The 25-year-old influencer also reassured fans that there are now "temporary mounts" keeping the appliance in place to avert another accident.
The trio then got over the shock with a bottle of tequila, which they planned to use for margaritas.
Sophia shared a video which panned to Katie, who had pulled out a bottle of Casamigos tequila and said: "So much for the wine!"