Olivia Rodrigo was destined for stardom, says Jake Paul

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Jake Paul always knew Olivia Rodrigo had "something special".
The 18-year-old singer topped the charts around the world with her debut album, 'SOUR', earlier this year, and Jake - who worked with Olivia on the Disney Channel during their younger years - always knew she was destined for stardom.
Jake, 24 - who played Dirk Mann on the Disney Channel series 'Bizaardvark' - told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I would be in my dressing room and she would be in hers, and I would just hear her singing from down the hall, playing the piano, and she was just always super talented, super nice.
"She was an amazing actor, everyone on that set and that show was super talented.
"But Olivia just had something special, and I'm good at spotting talent."
Meanwhile, Olivia recently explained how the COVID-19 pandemic influenced her debut album.
The chart-topping star confessed to being an "oversharer" and said that, in some ways, she benefited from releasing the record amid the pandemic.
Asked about writing "brutally honest songs", the teenage star explained: "I think that was the beauty of making a record in the pandemic a little bit and also I think that's the fun thing about making your first record is you're kind of like not caught up in it, being consumed. You're kind of just writing how you feel and writing to get it out.
"And I don't know ... I've never been worried about writing like vulnerably like that.
"I'd always been such an oversharer and it's actually like people around me who are like, 'OK Olivia, like tone it down, Olivia maybe you shouldn't say that in public' or something like that ... but yeah I love writing really brutally honest songs."

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