Olivia Wilde 'Disturbed And Disgusted' By Harvey Weinstein Allegations

Olivia Wilde became the latest A-lister to speak out againstHarvey Weinsteinin the wake of disturbing allegations detailing rampant sexual harassment spanning decades. 

“Let’s be clear,” Wilde tweeted Monday night. “What Harvey Weinstein did to those women was nothing short of abuse. I am disturbed, and disgusted. It’s appalling.”

Similar toMeryl Streep’s reactionto the news earlier Monday, Wilde clarified that she did not personally experience any harassment by Weinstein. Still, she said, she stood by those who were coming forward.

“The victim blaming needs to stop,” she added. “They spoke, and we are here to listen.”

Actress Olivia Wilde with producer Harvey Weinstein in 2012 at a Cinema Society event's after-party in New York City.

Wilde, an activist, feminist and vocal supporter of women’s rights, became the latest celebrity to speak out against the allegations that have rocked Hollywood in the past few days. Over the weekend, actors including Emmy Rossum, Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalotweeted messages of support to women who were coming forward with their accounts. 

Weinstein was firedfrom his production company Saturday. The Weinstein Co. reportedly plans to change its name. Deadline also reported that the production company gave studios the green light toscrub Weinstein’s executive producer creditfrom any TV series and future film releases.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.