Olly Murs 'misses' estranged brother Ben

Olly Murs "misses" his estranged twin brother Ben.

The 35-year-old singer fell out with his sibling back in 2009 when he opted to appear on 'The X Factor' rather than be the best man at Ben's wedding, and Olly has now revealed it's a "shame" he and Ben - who has not spoken to since the incident over a decade ago - are no longer close.

In emotional scenes which will be aired during Saturday's (11.01.20) episode of UK singing competition 'The Voice UK' - on which Olly is a mentor - the 'Troublemaker' singer told co-star Sir Tom Jones: "We had a big argument.

"I feel like the next time I'm going to see him is when we lose somebody close in our family, and I don't want that to be the case.

"I've got no idea where he lives.

"It's a shame - even more so for my mum. And I do miss having my twin with me.

"We had these two different personalities but we just had this bond."

Olly opened up about his twin brother after listening to a performance by twins on the show, as he says he and Ben used to "sing all the time".

He added: "It brings back memories when I see twins. When we were kids we used to sing all the time."

The 'Dance with Me Tonight' hitmaker previously spoke about his brother in 2018, when he claimed he'd tried to send a birthday message to him, but discovered his text went undelivered as Ben had changed his phone number and not given Olly the updated digits.

He said at the time: "I did text him this year and wished him a happy birthday. I felt it was the right time to reach out and try to ignite some kind of conversation. But it was the wrong phone number."

Following their feud, Ben opted to take on his wife's surname Hart in order to distance himself from his estranged sibling.