One dead, five injured, including 2 children, in Russian ballistic missile attack on Poltava Oblast

Consequences of the Russian attack in the Myrhorod district of the Poltava Oblast
Consequences of the Russian attack in the Myrhorod district of the Poltava Oblast

One person was killed, and five others were injured in the Russian attack on Poltava Oblast on Nov. 4, regional governor Filip Pronin announced on Telegram, adding that two children were among the wounded.

"A man with an open fracture of the tibia was operated on. He is in a hospital in moderate condition," Pronin said.

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The head of the regional military administration noted that all the victims were provided with medical assistance.

"People will also receive financial assistance from the regional and local budgets," Pronin wrote.

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Since 7:00 a.m. EET, a specialized commission has been accepting applications from people whose property was damaged in the attack. He assured that they will be compensated, noting that seven homes have been inspected so far.

Experts from the State Environmental Inspectorate are recording the damage caused to the state.

Earlier, the Air Force stated that Russia had attacked Dnipropetrovsk and Poltava oblasts on Nov. 4 with cruise and ballistic missiles, and that Ukrainian Air Force anti-aircraft missile units had destroyed three Russian Iskander-Ks.

Missile fragments damaged several residential buildings in the Myrhorod district.

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