The one thing you should never request at Macca's

Bianca Soldani

The tried and tested hack to make sure your fast food order gets made fresh has always been to ask for a custom change.

So instead of getting a standard Big Mac, you ask for one without pickles or tomato sauce - but what if you’re after a fresh bag of fries?

The most common tactic is to ask for them without salt, as all the fries in the warmer have been pre-salted, but as this former McDonald's employee explains, you’re actually doing yourself a massive disservice.

There's a right and a wrong way to request fresh fries. Photo: Getty

In a popular Reddit thread, the former employee says unsalted fries taste much worse, and adding your own salt won’t make them any better.

They say that when an order for unsalted fries comes through, “We will drop a new basket of fries [into the fryer]…. and half-heartedly wipe the (enormous amount of) excess salt out of the warming bin.

“When the fries are done, we dump the basket in the warming bin. Then, we'll pull your bland potato sticks off the top of the screaming-hot pile, bag them up, and hand them to you.

“Then we salt the rest (in a triple-arch fashion) and continue with our lives.”

But the catch comes next.

If fries don't get salted fresh out of the frier, you may as well not salt them at all. Photo: Getty

“Here's the thing, though,” they write, “since those fries didn't get salted immediately out of the fryer, the layer of fat and steam that are on the surface of the fry when it comes out and helps to hold the salt, won’t be there, so, all the fries in that batch will taste under-salted.”

“And your fries? Hot, yes, but not as hot as they should be for proper salt adhesion. You can add all the salt to the bag that you want, shake it until your arms fall off, and it will still taste like bland-ass potatoes covered in tiny rocks.”

The worst part about this is that the picky customer isn’t the only one to suffer. The next eight or so people who are unlucky enough to come next will also be served that batch of fries that taste under-salted.

So what’s the alternative? Well, the ex-employee suggests that – while fries are only allowed to be kept in the warming bin for a few minutes anyways - if you’re intent n getting the freshest fries, just ask for a fresh batch to be put on.

Be direct and just ask for a fresh batch, they say. Photo: Getty

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