OnlyFans teacher fired from job over leaked nude photo says X-rated site 'ruined her life'

EXCLUSIVE: A single mum says she's struggling to get by after her OnlyFans nudes were leaked.

A school teacher and single mum who joined OnlyFans and was later fired from her day job has warned other creators looking to join the platform that the money earned isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Sarah Juree, 41, was a teacher for 20 years and struggled to support her family on her salary. A superior at the school she taught at suggested she start "selling her underwear" on OnlyFans resulting in Sarah joining the platform in the hopes of ending what she calls a "poverty cycle".

"My salary as a teacher was $55,000 USD ($85,000 AUD) and after tax I was paid $1,500 every two weeks which only just covered my rent and health insurance. Every month I was going deeper and deeper into poverty," the mum of two told Yahoo Lifestyle.

Onlyfans creator Sarah Juree
Sarah Juree was fired from her job after her OnlyFans nudes were leaked. Photo:

"If I was being paid appropriately for my job that used my intelligence, degree, heart and soul I wouldn't have had to [join OnlyFans] – and it doesn't make sense that I can be paid 5 or 6 times more for taking my clothes off – but when you're a single mum, you just have to do what you do to get by," Sarah said.

After launching her profile, it appeared Sarah Juree had found the answer to being able to support her family with a more solid income, until an 'extreme right-wing blogger' in her community found her page and distributed naked pictures of her across social media, not stopping until the school terminated her contract.


Sarah never expected her career would be jeopardised.

"Men created the entire market for OnlyFans. They subscribe, send you pictures and messages, but it's only women who are shamed and lose their jobs," she said.

Sarah's story made headlines around the world in 2022, with the single mum becoming known as the 'OnlyFans Teacher'.

Sarah Juree

The real truth about OnlyFans earnings

One year on, Sarah says she has many regrets.

"I got just enough media attention to ruin my life but not enough to help me actually benefit from the situation. You read all of these stories about women making fortunes [on OnlyFans], but they're already famous or have a large following on social media," she said.

"It hasn't been a million-dollar payout for me. The average model on OnlyFans makes $150-a-month and compared to them, I've done okay but the income is so up and down."

Sarah said that because of her decision to create boundaries around the content she's willing to post, it's restricted her earning potential.

“I literally got fired over a nude picture, then I got thrust into this entire industry that I knew nothing about. I had to figure out what my boundaries are. I don't want to go into porn," she said.

Sarah doesn't blame OnlyFans for disrupting or ruining her life, but said she feels like she's failed her family.

"I think being a single mum ruined my life. If I couldn't support my family with my college degree, then I've failed my family. I wanted OnlyFans to be my saviour but it didn't pan out like that. It's been hard on my mental health."

Sarah's warning to others contemplating joining the platform is to be careful, saying it's not all about overnight fame and fortune, encouraging people to "stay in your power always".

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