OpenAI developer conference: How to watch and what to expect at the ChatGPT event

OpenAI is hosting its first ever developer conference in its native San Francisco this evening (Alamy/PA)
OpenAI is hosting its first ever developer conference in its native San Francisco this evening (Alamy/PA)

OpenAI is today hosting a landmark event dedicated to its artificial intelligence products.

The tech company behind ChatGPT could give users the ability to create their very own AI chatbots at its inaugural developer conference.

Although it’s best known for its generative AI tools that can spout text and images, OpenAI also allows businesses and programmers to package its cutting-edge software into their own apps. The tech currently powers AI chatbots from Snapchat, Microsoft, and Duolingo.

All told, the company says more than 2 million developers use the systems that underpin its proprietary tools like ChatGPT, Dall-E, and Whisper text-to-speech recognition. Together, the trio of products can help chatbots and smart assistants to converse, see, and speak.

This evening, OpenAI will unveil the latest updates to those tools at an event for tech boffs in its native San Francisco. Even if you didn’t get an invite, you’ll be able to watch along live when the OpenAI DevDay kicks off.

When does the OpenAI developer conference start?

OpenAI’s event begins at 10am PST, which is 6pm UK time, when the opening keynote takes place. Unlike Apple and Microsoft’s marathon developer conferences, it’s just a one-day showcase.

How to watch the OpenAI developer conference

You can tune into the OpenAI DevDay livestream below via YouTube and the OpenAI website.

What to expect at the conference

OpenAI has already shown that it has the chops to become the next big tech company. Its AI chatbot ChatGPT briefly held the record for the fastest application to amass 100 million users, reaching the milestone in just two months.

More broadly, its white label tech has attracted a raft of entrepreneurs, startups and big businesses looking to enhance their existing apps or build the next big AI platform.

Like Apple, Google, and Microsoft before it, OpenAI is now trying to engage with this burgeoning community through its developer conference, where it will showcase new technologies, and provide insights into its product roadmap.

Although the company is keeping silent about the schedule, the big rumour online is that it will release a new tool that lets you build your own chatbots.

Notably, one of OpenAI’s biggest competitors, Character.AI, lets you do just that. By entering a few prompts, users can quickly develop and launch chatbots based on real people or fictional characters for others to use. Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg also recently mentioned that his company was planning an AI sandbox that works in a similar way.

OpenAI will reportedly allow you to create, test, modify and share chatbots using a new feature called Magic Creator or Magic Maker.

To help you further customise your digital mini-me, the company could announce a management tool called Gizmo. With it you’ll be able to import existing chatbots, add external files for your chatbot to reference, define additional functions using OpenAI’s existing software toolkit or API, and publish your creation to a digital marketplace for others to peruse.

Also on the cards are new context features for ChatGPT that let you connect apps like Google Drive and Microsoft 365 to the bot. In addition, OpenAI may introduce new subscriptions for businesses, and speed improvements to the premium version of ChatGPT.