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  • Unflinching death from above

    James Robins

    Predators, they’re called. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - drones - brimming with missiles and implements for the skewering of vehicles and human beings alike. These swift and menacing machines remove the pilot from the equation – the soldier in control ...

    April 22, 9:54 am

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  • The Atmospheric Heat Engine

    Ken Ring

    It is not uncommon for physics to start off with a wrong premise and from that construct a wrong theory, leading itself deeper into the mire until a point is reached where there are more questions than answers. Rather than start again the science th...

    April 16, 3:50 pm

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  • World's first test tube burger

    On the radar

    This is the world's first beef patty, grown entirely in a lab.Would you eat it?It was made from stem cells taken from the shoulder of a calf, assembled fibre by fibre, then mixed with breadcrumbs, beetroot juice and saffron to give it colour.The two...

    August 7, 11:57 am

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