A rather cute pile of books Thinkstock
A rather cute pile of books Thinkstock

Welcome to the eleventh issue of Hump Day Reading, where I compile a small collection of links to letters, blog posts, articles, opinions, columns, videos, and pictures for your intellectual enjoyment.

- This is by far the biggest story doing the rounds in the blogosphere. Tracie Egan Morrissey started a blog called Hello there, Racists in which she outs disgusting, scummy Twitter users for their racism. It is incredibly brave, and I commend her.

- This is the piece she did for Jezebel, in which she works through her reasoning and motivation. It is worth pointing out that Jezebel's editor made a pretty glaring error over the picture-mash they use as the header, which featured the photo of an innocent teenage, which was rectified, but there was no apology.

- And then, Dodai Stewart writes for Gawker about the inevitable backlash.

- Seeing as we're on the subject of Gawker articles, they ran this satirical piece about Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

- In other super-important news, Phan Nguyen has this fantastic analysis of IDF propoganda over Hamas rocket attacks. It is an analysis of one side of the conflict, so I don't want to hear any snide comments that it's 'not balanced'.

- This rather interesting, but slanted, picture emerged recently, along similar lines as the above piece.

- And as a former hipster myself, this NYT article is damn funny, and very accurate.

- And here is the greatest record review in the history of the universe, of Mumford and Son's appalling new album.

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