Boys meet through friends, find out they are brothers

"Two boys in the United States received the surprise of a lifetime while visiting their neighbourhood swimming pool in June."

$20.5m Lotto winner comes forward

"The winner of Saturday's $20.5 million Lotto jackpot has come forward."

UK actor charged with child sex offences

"Former Coronation Street actor Andrew Lancel has been charged with historic child sex offences, police say."

NYPD act of kindness goes viral

"A cellphone photo of a police officer giving new shoes to a homeless man has gone viral online."

Baby girl in hospital after dog attack

"A baby girl has been hospitalised after being attacked by her family dog."

Man in intensive care after protecting friend

"A 22-year-old Christchurch man's in intensive care with serious head injuries after stepping in to a fight to protect his friend."

Budget pressure didn't cause chopper crash

"The government is rejecting claims a Defence Force budget squeeze contributed to a helicopter crash that killed three air force personnel."

The nicest house on the street

"An elderly Chinese couple who refused to move out of their apartment building to make way for a new development has found themselves surrounded by a huge freeway."

Charred bodies found in Japan tunnel collapse

"Japanese rescuers found five charred bodies and a trucker was pronounced dead after being pulled from his vehicle following the collapse of a highway tunnel Sunday, which crushed cars and triggered a blaze."

Legionellosis outbreak in Canterbury

"A small outbreak in Canterbury of a potentially fatal illness has authorities on the look out."

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