1. Severe weather warning as 'deep low' tracks closer

"The remains of what was Tropical Cyclone Evan which left several dead in Samoa and a trail of destruction there and in Fiji are expected to arrive in northern and eastern New Zealand late tomorrow."

2. End of the world won't come tonight

"Those who believe the world is going to end sometime over the next 24 hours are being told to focus on Christmas."

3. Village comes to grips with loss of family in road crash

"Residents of Whakamaru are coming to grips with the loss of an entire family in a road crash, near the small town."

4. Warning for kiwis using credit cards

"Kiwis are being warned to keep a close eye on their credit cards over the holiday season."

5. Fatal crash in north Auckland

"One person is dead after two cars collided in north Auckland."

6. Young killer gets 18 years' jail

"One of New Zealand's youngest murderers, Taranaki's 13-year-old Jordan Nelson, has been jailed for 18 years for shooting dead his caregiver."

7. Clean-up begins after Evan devastates Fiji

"A state of natural disaster has been declared for parts of Fiji as the clean-up from Cyclone Evan begins."

8. Hangover leads to Lotto win

"An Auckland man is celebrating after a Christmas party hangover led to a $1 million Lotto win."

9. Toddler's lucky escape as deadly snakes hatch in wardrobe

" An Australian toddler had a lucky escape after collecting eggs from one of the world's most deadly snakes and watching them hatch in his wardrobe, wildlife officials said Friday."

10. Great white shark spotted off Kapiti coast

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