1. Skinny dipping world record broken in Gisborne

"A world record has been broken at a Midway Beach in Gisborne this afternoon, in a successful bid to break the world record for skinny dippers."

2. Severe thunderstorm alerts issued

"The MetService has issued severe thunderstorm watch alerts for parts of the North and South Islands."

3. Mistaken Madeleine sighting not the first

"The girl mistaken for the missing British girl Madeleine McCann in Queenstown on New Year's Eve has sparked previous calls to police."

4. 16 hurt in China aquarium burst

"Security cameras capture the moment a giant aquarium shatters at a Shanghai shopping mall."

5. Oscar winner had great love of adventure

"Oscar-winning sound editor Mike Hopkins, who died after a raft capsized on a Wairarapa river, had a great love of adventure, his family say."

6. Clinton family at Hillary's bedside

"The Clinton family remains at Hillary's hospital bedside, as she receives treatment for a blood clot."

7. Emergency on Sky Tower bungy platform

"Police are negotiating with a man who is on the bungy platform of Auckland's Sky Tower."

8. Deaths, arrests mar New Year celebrations

"Two men are dead and two more are fighting for their lives after incidents early on New Year's Day."

9. Prince Harry kills Taliban chief

"Britain's Prince Harry has killed his first Taliban commander."

10. Man dies after eating 28 raw eggs for bet

"Death by egg. It isn't the most glamourous way to shuffle off this mortal coil but that's how it ended for one man after he ate 28 of them - raw."

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