Ken Ring
Ken Ring

Ken Ring is a writer from Auckland, New Zealand, who asserts that he can use lunar cycles to predict weather and earthquakes. He terms his predictions "alternative weather" and has authored books about the weather and climate. Ring publishes almanacs each year for New Zealand, Australia and Ireland in which he provides weather predictions for the entire year. His New Zealand almanac covers 64 towns.

Ring is known for attempting to predict weather and authors books on "how the moon affects the weather", which include an almanac each year for New Zealand (since 1999), Australia (since 2006) and Ireland (since 2010). He believes that the cycle of weather follows a lunar pattern and can be used to predict weather many years in advance. The lunar cycle occurs every 9 years, while the solar cycle repeats at 11 year intervals and by assessing the two Ring believes that the weather recycles through a 355-day cycle, a 19-year cycle, and a 36-year cycle. According to his website it is not an exact science - it's not scientific at all - and is opinion-based similar to economics or political science or astrology and his rainfall predictions can be out by 24 hours and a radius of 50 to 60 miles (80 to 97 km).

Ring also predicts earthquakes based on the position of the moon. On his website he says that when the moon (in particular the new moon) is at perigee (closest to the earth) it may affect the Earth's mantle and alter the magnetic field. It may also draw the Van Allen Belt closer, attracting radioactively charged particles towards Earth. Ring believes this combination may be responsible for earthquakes and volcanoes. Ring has predicted 221 days of increased earthquake risk for New Zealand in 2011 and more than half of the time between the start of January and the end of March as earthquake risk.

He terms his predictions "alternative weather" and they are not supported by real science.

Source: Wikipedia

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