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Israel, Gaza, and how our media fails us

jamesrobins Updated November 22, 2012, 10:23 am
SDEROT, ISRAEL - NOVEMBER 15: (ISRAEL OUT) A plume of smoke rises over Gaza during an Israeli air strike, as seen from Sderot on November 15, 2012 in Israel. A rocket attack on an apartment building in Kiryat Malachi, Israel earlier claimed three lives, some 24 hours after the IDF targeted nearly 200 sites in the Gaza Strip, killing Ahmed Jabari, a top military commander of Hamas, in the process.

Uriel Sinai/Getty Images © Enlarge photo

Sadly, this is to be filed under the ‘serious news’ category from which everyone should draw their opinions, but few people actually care about.

Our uncompromisingly limp media is reporting over and over again that Palestinian aggression is driving the recent escalation in Gaza, but this is far from the truth.

There is an inherent danger, in the age of quicksmart news bulletins and attention-grabbing headlines, to simmer and reduce the broth of a centuries-old conflict down to a morsel comprehendible to the general public.

In fact, I’m running that risk now.

But the larger danger is not in ignoring complex issues, but simply refusing to report facts, and refusing to question the holy loudspeaker of American power.

Just today, media bulletins are crying foul at Hamas rockets landing in Israeli neighborhoods, towing the line that the onus is on either the Palestinian Authority, or the militants themselves to ensure that attacks and counterattacks are stopped and tensions reduce.

But this is a blatant double-standard, as almost all mainstream reports are failing to critique the extra-judicial assassination of a senior Hamas commander by Israel. To put it bluntly: a state, supported almost entirely through US aid, is killing the citizens of another country illegally.

Does this somehow validate the actions of Hamas and other Islamic extremists throughout Palestine? No, each rocket fired from Gaza is as morally repugnant as any missile fired from an Israeli helicopter – the crucial problem here is how filtered and distorted our news really is.

We saw the Benghazi ‘fog of war’ line that was spun from the White House nest, which unraveled in the weeks following. What we never saw was an Obama government afraid to lie outright.

The mainstream media picked this up unashamedly, and fed it to the public unadulterated – no questions, no analysis, and most crucially, no truth.

Between the White House, which insists that there is “no justification” for Palestinian retaliation, and Tony Blair and Downing Street, who both called on Hamas alone to cease the attacks, it’s perfectly understandable that the population at large doesn’t get the full picture.

For example, in five different wire reports from both Reuters and AFP on the 16th of November, the word ‘occupation’ was not mentioned once. The leading story for that day on leaned heavily on empathy for Israeli, taking eleven paragraphs before the first Palestinian fatalities are discussed. The UK Daily Telegraph blamed Palestinian militants for all aggression outright. The AP and Reuters stories carried by, although mentioning the volatile interactions between Israel and Syria, also failed to cast any critical eye on the situation.

This is not an issue of ‘impartial’ journalism, but slanted and misinformed reporting masquerading as a voice for the people.

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  1. Hinewai10:32am Thursday 29th November 2012 NZDTReport Abuse

    Well said JA

  2. Ja09:17am Wednesday 28th November 2012 NZDTReport Abuse

    Kiwi lad wake up. Jesus turned his back on the temple and theJews Killed him. But what I think people are forgetting is that the Israeli jews that you are talking about are not the sames people they were talking about in Holy times. The Israeli Jew now is the Europeans Jew who Cames from eastern Europe after the second world war. The Jews they were talking about in holy times were the Arab Jews. Now answer this. If a person from the other side of the planet is roman catholic, can they go live in Rome simply because they are catholic. Answer- NO. So why should a Polish Jew or FrenchJew or any other Jew live in what you call Israel, other than the arab Jew. Remember Jewish is a religion not a nationality or ethnicity. They've got you so fooled it embarrassing. They own the media and threaten most governments, Bombard you with what happened to them in the second world war while they are doing the same to the Palestinians. There are many nations with just as torcherous history but we hear about it once or twice if at all. because their country don't have the money, power, greed and self rightousness that the Israel's have. They create war nad hatred wherever they are. They have the most superior sickening attitude wherever they go. They do not worship god. They worship the mighty dollar and god help whoever stands in their way. Those of you that support their behaviour should remember one thing. They will turn on you as quick as look at you if you don't agree with them, because they have that spoilt little brat attitude if they can't have everything there own way and they have big bully solution to fix it. Which is beat them up and kill them if they can't get there own spolit way. Well if they think god wasn't watching while they were on earth, just wait till they get to the pearly gates. They can't blackmail god.

  3. Bob11:50am Monday 26th November 2012 NZDTReport Abuse

    I've worked with Palestinians and they are generally good people with a terrible historic burden. Hamas (one man's Freedom fighter is another man's terrorist) are the elected leaders - Israel feel free to target and kill the Hamas leaders any time they like, they feel free to go into other countries like the U.A.E and do as they like kill who they please, taking the identity of other nationals. Who is wrong who is right. ?

  4. Hinewai10:23am Monday 26th November 2012 NZDTReport Abuse

    Most of these comments are given through reading scripture which has been distorted and manipulated to give just cause, but all it does is show god up as a dictator, he says Do not kill (murder) but it seems that like all governments there is one law for the people and one for the rulers. Grow up mankind and seek for true knowledge and truth. The creator doesn,t murder children and drop bombs on homes, if he did then he doesn,t deserve to be worship. Why would He allow that sort of behaviour from his so called chosen and expect everyone else to live and show love, mercy and compassion to others. Deffinitly something wrong here.

  5. 09:36am Monday 26th November 2012 NZDTReport Abuse

    Israel was the name change given to Jacob. This nation has always had a hard time throughout History, they were persecuted in the Middle ages as being sorcerers, when they knew how to keep their homes clean. Cleanliness was the secret to staying alive during the Middle ages that is why Jews stayed alive during that time. They knew how to handle money, pray, and live a good clean life. Yes the State of Israel is protected by the Lord. We as Christians look and watch what happens to Israel. We know that if they are attacked, then we know it won't be long till the lord comes to this earth. There has always been a conflict between Israel & Palestine. Who knows what the future holds for these 2 nations, they would protect their land. But if any outsiders came in and tried to destroy both Palestine & Israel they would probably stand together.

  6. John Gallagher09:03am Monday 26th November 2012 NZDTReport Abuse

    James robins is also media. 2 words...... Isaac and ishmael. I hope im wrong, but I think the inevitable will more than likely happen soon. God help us.

  7. ROY02:26pm Friday 23rd November 2012 NZDTReport Abuse

    ..... then there's the Abrahamic and Davidic covenants respectively that make Jerusalem in particular the indefatigable capital of the Jewish state, and Israel in both general and specific terms, their inalienable home.

  8. ROY02:19pm Friday 23rd November 2012 NZDTReport Abuse

    ....inevitably, Tim, it meant the Phillistine remanant in Gaza never had any legitimate territorial claim to the Holy Land vis-a-vis Israel having never have being there in the first place; though they may have had their own territorial expansionist ambitions, once the Israelites had 'conveniently' cleared the mutant rabble they themselves found themselves hedged in by.

  9. ROY01:46pm Friday 23rd November 2012 NZDTReport Abuse

    Hi Tim, the original inhabitants of the Holy Land were giant mutants that practiced licentious abominations like incest to name but one, slavery, and practiced idolatry with human sacrifice ; many practices considered as base and ethically abhorrent even by todays modern standards . In other words they were depraved. Nevertheless Palestine was a fiction created by the Roman Empire as 'occupiers' of Israeli territory, a political slight of appeasement to the Phillistine trouble makers next door in what is current day Gaza.

  10. SCORPIO11:39am Friday 23rd November 2012 NZDTReport Abuse

    The State of Israel will never be destroyed Why? Because throughout the Jewish history its persecutors have failed totally to destroy these bold and hardy people,people full of vitality,Gods chosen people. It"s neighbour's are living in coo coo land if they think they can destroy the state of Israel...Wake up Hamas, and Iran, It's not going to happen.


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