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TOP10: What you clicked on 14-20 January

ontheradar January 22, 2013, 1:57 pm

1. Paul Holmes knighted

"Poor health didn't stop broadcaster Sir Paul Holmes from enjoying every minute of the knighthood ceremony held in his honour at his Hawke's Bay home on Wednesday."

2. Magnitude 4.7 quake shakes Chch

"A magnitude 4.7 earthquake has rattled Canterbury this evening."

3. Roads still closed at South Auckland crash scene

"Roads are still closed where a truck and car collided this afternoon injuring an elderly woman and a baby."

4. New Zealand rocked by quakes

"Earthquakes have been felt around New Zealand during the weekend including a magnitude 5.2 one in Taranaki and a 4.7 in Canterbury."

5. Amateur Australian prospector finds massive gold nugget

"An amateur Australian prospector who hadn't had much luck searching for gold has struck it rich, unearthing a nugget heavier than a newborn baby and worth more than $300,000."

6. Delays for Auckland drivers today

"The New Zealand Transport Agency is warning Auckland drivers they'll need extra time for their trip today."

7. Hamilton woman runs over man four times

"Neighbours stepped in to help after a woman in Hamilton ran over her partner four times, police say."

8. Shipment of 18 human heads found at Chicago's O'Hare airport

"Investigators probing a shipment of 18 human heads intercepted at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport have determined they came from bodies donated for scientific research and were being transported for disposal."

9. Woman dies in crash with milk tanker

"A woman is dead after her car collided with a milk tanker north of Taupo."

10. Mystery car found buried in sand

"Mystery surrounds the discovery of a car found at Papamoa Beach near the Kaituna River mouth."

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  1. 05:08pm Monday 28th January 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    Not a lot of opportunity to comment these days on Yahoo! I notice that it has decided to be especially "spinful" of the Nasty Nat Party. "Joyce gets to grips with Novopay" (If saying "but he isn't promising a quick fix" is getting to grips then we need a new definition of "getting to grips". Followed by "Joyce promises effective teacher pay system" - but he doesn't say WHEN! The headlines could have been written by the Nasty Nat Head Office itself! And then we get the gratuitous "Labour still lagging behind with ideas: from Puller Bennett who has lead the charge to dismantle the training systems that Labour put in place in the early 2000s and who is presiding over the largest number of unemployed for many many years! Who is it that has run out of ideas? Does Puller write her own headlines for Yahoo?


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