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Hazza's secret weapon: thumbs

jamesrobins Updated January 30, 2013, 9:42 pm
In this photo taken Nov. 3, 2012, and made available Monday Jan. 21, 2013 of Britain s Prince Harry, right, or just plain Captain Wales as he is known in the British Army, reacts as he plays computer games with his fellow Apache Helicopter crew, during his 12 hour VHR (very high ready-ness) shift at the British controlled flight-line in Camp Bastion southern Afghanistan. The Ministry of Defense announced Monday that the 28-year-old prince is returning from a 20-week deployment in Afghanistan, where he served as an Apache helicopter pilot with the Army Air Corps.

AP / John Stillwell © Enlarge photo

As if we needed more reasons for nutty old white men to think that videogames are responsible for mass shootings, Prince Harry reckons playing FIFA makes him good at killing people.

Or as Gawker put it: “yesterday, Prince Harry opened his mouth to speak and only nonsense words came out”.

The ‘tell-all’ interview (shot in December, released earlier this week) had a ridiculously staged nature, in which no tough questions were asked, and Hazza (or Captain Kill, as Hadley Freeman calls him) was allowed to repeat over and over and over and over again that he’s “just one of the guys”.

But he pinpoints a frankly bizarre reason for his hotshot flying skills.

Playing Playstation.

“It's a joy for me because I'm one of those people who loves playing PlayStation and Xbox,” he says, “so with my thumbs I like to think that I'm probably quite useful.”

Aside from his being a mega case of Royal TMI (those same thumbs helped protect the world from pictures of his ginger knackers just a few months ago), is anyone else slightly perturbed by his exhortation?

From what I can tell, people who like to fondle, stroke, and finger guns in their spare time point towards violent videogames as the reason behind the recent round of mass shootings and other related gun crimes in the US; the same people who insist the availability of military weapons is not a problem.

Now, Hazza might’ve been kidding – in which case he has a sadistic sense of humour –but looking at the nonchalant way in which describes obliterating Taliban with his chopper cannons makes me think he’s deadly serious.

I’m all for killing vile Islamofacists, but I’d hate to think that Hazza’s comments have added more weight to the idea that violent videogames are the sole driver of gun crime, or that, perversely, playing these games would makes someone better at committing violent acts with a firearm.

They’re nonsense words indeed, and hardly the pinnacle of self-control and respectability we’re led to believe the Royals represent. (One does wonder just what Hazza’s landmine-inspecting mum might think about the whole affair)

Maybe I’m being idealistic here, but perhaps Mr Prince should have used his stage and platform to help us understand the real threat the Taliban face, and why gunning them down is good thing (however somber), instead of starring in an improvised advert for Electronic Arts, Heckler & Koch, and nutty conservatives.

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  1. Ninus-705:02pm Friday 15th March 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    James, by 'nutty old white men', you're referring to the progenitors of High Culture on this planet, right...?

  2. Fanny Adams07:30am Tuesday 29th January 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    I also saw this interview. Harry often comes across as being a nice young man but perhaps not the smartest tool in the shed. These comments he makes - often to his own detriment in the final analysis)-, are typical of most young men of his age group. Unfortunately for him his comments get analysed to death (so to speak). Give the man a break! I wonder, if he was to crack under the pressure of all this 'over analysing' of every word he utters, who would be the first group to feel his wrath? Reporters and nutty old white men perhaps?

  3. Donald08:00pm Monday 28th January 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    "Nutty old white men", it seems the "author" of this story has officially become one of these himself.

  4. 06:09pm Monday 28th January 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    vile racism makes me ashamed to be Kiwi

  5. Don Q09:41am Monday 28th January 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    Guns, violent video games - whats good about anything that celebrates killing? Anyone who thinks there is no affective link is kidding themselves, and name calling is not a rebuttal.

  6. Stephen John09:07am Monday 28th January 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    The war on terrorism shouldn't have been extended to include Afghanistan. The Taliban aren't recognised as a terrorist organisation. Sure Bin laden was there fighting against foreign invasion, but the funny thing is at that time, he was fighting -for want of a better description-on our side. So when we became the invaders Bin laden unfortunately for him became one of the bad guys. How crazy is that. The Americans armed him with all the latest weapons which he faithfully unleashed on the poor Russians but as soon as his services were no longer required he's labelled an enemy combatant or more popularly, a terrorists. No wonder moslems hate us. The west is full of #$%$

  7. Ken Anderson03:29pm Sunday 27th January 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    I saw the interview and frankly didn't see anything other than the man talking freely about his experience. If playing FIFA on xbox helps in coordination of the helicopters controls and helps him relax then i say go for it. If you watch apache clips on youtube you will see it is very clinical and almost emotionless in the pursuit of taking the enemy out, although not pleasant to watch. If you put someone on a pedestal and they don't do what you want to see you need to look at yourself - after all there really is no blue blood!

  8. Micky05:59pm Saturday 26th January 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    royal tosser

  9. Ian03:33pm Saturday 26th January 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    He didn't get enough . . . best he comes to NZ, we have too many ragheads and walking wardrobes also.

  10. Nardoo Burns03:19pm Saturday 26th January 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    So its only nutty old WHITE men that think that moron?


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