Oprah Gives Ellen A Lesson On How To Choose The Perfect Size … Cucumber

This is bananas.

Oprah WinfreyandEllen DeGenereswent to a local grocery store to promote Winfrey’s new food line, O, That’s Good!

During their visit, which can be seen in a hilarioustwo-partvideo that aired on DeGeneres’ talk show Wednesday, the celebrity duo ran amok in the store’s produce section. The two can be seen picking up various fruits and vegetables and cracking jokes.

At one point, Ellen walks up to Oprah with two cucumbers of different sizes and asks her: “What is the right size, though?”

To which Oprah gives a totally appropriate response.

Mmm hmm.

To find out her answer — and see all the fabulous ladies’ hijinks in their full glory — check out the videos above and below!

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.